Scotland: Beyond the Usual

When I started doing research on the Gaels as part of my interest in the Gaelic language, I began accumulating sites that might be of interest when traveling. This process culminated in the development of two ‘Beyond the Usual’ classes – one for Scotland and one for Ireland.

What follows are the course resources for the class.

Course Syllabus

Class Summary

Are you traveling to Scotland or interested in its many fascinating sites? In this class, we will explore lesser-known but historically significant locations which travelers may want to add to their travel itineraries. Also, we’ll discuss tips for traveling around the country.


This class is for students who want to learn about travel to Scotland, whether in-person or from the comfort of the classroom. This class focuses on the more unusual sites and locations which are relevant to the language, culture, and history of the country.

Learning Objectives

After this class, students:

  • will have an expanded appreciation of lesser-known but historically significant sites
  • will be better equipped to travel in the country with travel tips and tricks
  • will have a better understanding of the range of sites available to visit and their significance

Course Outline

Session 1 (2 hours)

  • A sampling of sites from the Neolithic (standing stones, passage tombs, rock art, etc.)
  • A sampling of sites from the Bronze/Iron Ages (broches, crannogs)
  • A bit of Roman Scotland (Antonine Wall, forts)
  • Interesting physical landscapes (Fairy Glen, the Quiraing)
  • Museums, castles, and religious sites
  • Tips & tricks for traveling to and around Scotland


Enjoy thinking about traveling to Scotland.

Files for the course

Updated 7/24/2022