Return of the blog and

Hello! Just a quick post to announce the return of the blog and the website. I’ve been working out of for a while but now that I’m working full time again, I’ve had to reduce class offerings.

Because I’d like to make my many years of educational efforts available to interested persons, I’m developing a new way of making that happen. More will be revealed soon. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Móran taing! 2014 Advent calendar, to date‘s 2014 Gaelic advent calendar, to date. View on my wordpress blog if the hyperlinks are stripped out.

Mìosachan na Nollaig
a chiad latha – Is mise (1 Dùbhlachd)
an darna latha – Geamhradh (2 Dùbhlachd)
an treas latha – Preusant (3 Dùbhlachd)
an ceathramh latha – Sneachd(a) (4 Dùbhlachd)
an còigeamh latha – Bleideagan Sneachda (5 Dùbhlachd)
an siathamh latha – Bodach-sneachda (6 Dùbhlachd)
an seachdamh latha – Rèin-fhiadh (7 Dùbhlachd)
an t-ochdamh latha – Miotagan (8 Dùbhlachd)
an naoidheamh latha – Sgarfa (9 Dùbhlachd)
an deicheamh latha – Dèideagan (10 Dùbhlachd)
a chiad latha deug – Nollaig (11 Dùbhlachd)
an dàrna latha deug – Craobh Nollaig (12 Dùbhlachd)
an treas latha deug – Solais Nollaig (13 Dùbhlachd)
an ceathramh latha deug – Rionnag (14 Dùbhlachd)
an còigeamh latha deug – Aingeal (15 Dùbhlachd)
an siathamh latha deug – Cairtean Nollaig (16 Dùbhlachd)
an seachdamh latha deug – Cearc-Fhrangach (17 Dùbhlachd)
an t-ochdamh latha deug – Buinneagan Bruisealach (18 Dùbhlachd)
an naoidheamh latha deug – Pòg (19 Dùbhlachd)
am ficheadamh latha – Bodach na Nollaig (20 Dùbhlachd)
a chiad latha air fhichead – Similear (21 Dùbhlachd)
an dàrna latha air fhichead
an treas latha air fhichead
an ceathramh latha air fhichead
an còigeamh latha air fhichead

Feis Seattle and Dr. Michael Newton, revisited by email

I have been going through my email archives and I uncovered this email from Dr. Michael Newton, from 10 years ago(!), who will be making another appearance at Slighe nan Gaidheal’s Feis Seattle this year. I find it rather amusing! Imagine if we had been able to do this.

25 June, 2004 (a.k.a. còigeamh latha air fhichead dhen Ògmhios, dà mhìle ‘s a ceithir)

Sgrìobh Mìcheal gu

“Dear Slighe folks –

It occurs to me that we could generate a huge income for Slighe at the
same time as holding the Feis by producing reality TV shows! OK, here’s the initial scenarios I suggest:

Dating the Gaelic Diva!
Each year Slighe brings a single all-singing all-dancing Highland diva to the Feis, and eligible Seattle Gaelic-learning males vie for her attention. Watch as they try all means, fair and foul, to win her affections. (All participants are strictly barred from soliciting advice from Dale Cummings.)

Survivor: The Genitive
Seattle’s Gaelic learners must survive a week in Fort Wordon using Gaelic
in all communications; any use of English words, or calques, will cause them to lose the prize. There is no avoiding it: the genitive must be mastered if these would-be Gaelic survivors are to endure for any time in the pressure-cooker of Fort Worden. Watch as participants wax eloquent, or starve from their inability to request simple food items in the genitive case. (All copies of Dwelly’s or any other Gaelic aids are forbidden on
Fort Worden for the duration of this program.)

Who is going to notify Ted Turner about this?

Once again, many thanks to everyone for the generosity and kindness they showed to me and Rhiannon during our time with the NW.


Upcoming Scottish Gaelic learning opportunities

Latha math a h-uile duine!

Starting April 9th and continuing for 8 Wednesdays at Bellevue College (in Bellevue, Washington), I’ll be offering Scottish Gaelic 3. This class focuses on the GENITIVE CASE, regular and irregular verbs in the CONDITIONAL, and more. Conversation and review of what we did in Scottish Gaelic 2 (Regular and Irregular verbs in the past and future) will be where we start, so even if you didn’t take Fall and Winter quarter’s classes, feel free to join us! Need to review these topics, join us!
Here is the link for registration: Scottish Gaelic 3  (
Also, May 10th I’ll be presenting a 6 hour workshop of the “Is” verb! There will be three sessions. The first is the “Basic Is Verb”, after lunch will be ” ‘S e and ‘S ann for defining and emphasis” and in the later afternoon will be “Using Is phrases.” Please see the flyer for more info, including attending via the internet if you can’t make it to my home in Kirkland, WA.
Space is limited and we already have six people registered, so don’t delay.
Here is the link for the flyer and registration: ‘Is verb Workshop‘ (
Leis gach deagh dhùrachd,
Geoffrey Sammons

Time is running out to register for three Gaelic language classes!

Please share this with your friends!

Time is running out to register for fabulous Gaelic learning opportunities in the the Puget Sound region!

A workshop I’m hosting to help people warm up their Gaelic after the summer! Register by 9/14:

My beginning Scottish Gaelic class at Bellevue College, register ASAP!

The 10th Season of Zero to Gaelic begins soon (all levels of Gaelic)! Register by 9/20:

We’ve worked hard to provide these opportunities for people to experience the language of the Garden of Eden, so please join us for the journey!

Note that preregistration is necessary and that all or part of these classes might be cancelled due to low enrollment. Register today to avoid disappointment!