The Celts: History, Art, & Mythology Archive

I’ve added a new page for the class, The Celts: History, Art, & Mythology under History. I really enjoyed researching and creating this course. As I say on the page, I’ve divided up the material and included it in the newer classes, so it is not really gone.

There is a files archive for PDFs you might be interested in. I’m currently working on the slide presentations for upcoming course offerings. Currently, I’m working on the slides for the Ancient Celts for the upcoming offering of The Romans in Scotland. I’m also working on the slides for the Celtic Revival for possible discussion in the Beyond the Usual travel classes coming up in the next couple weeks.

I hope you enjoy the PDFs, and reminiscing if you took the course.

Last call for Spring 2023 classes

Registration will be closing shortly for Spring 2023 classes.

Links for registration:

Upcoming in Summer 2023 (tentatively)

  • Vikings in Scotland & Ireland: 7/10 & 7/11, 6:30-8:30 PM
  • The Picts of Scotland: 7/25, 6:30-8:30 PM
  • The Romans in Scotland (Includes the Ancient Celts): 8/7 & 8/8, 6:30-8:30 PM

Keep an eye out for more details.

I hope to see you in class!

Spring Quarter Class Announcement!

This spring I will be teaching three continuing education classes online, through Seattle Central College.

Travel Courses

Ireland: Beyond the Usual (4/25, 6:30-8:30 PDT, online)

In this course we’ll take a look at historically important sites to visit that don’t have million Euro marketing budgets. Everything from Neolithic passage tombs and stone circles, to castles and monasteries, and sites related to the Celtic Revival. Whether you are planning a trip to Ireland or just enjoy traveling from the comfort of home, I hope you’ll join me for a virtual trip around the Emerald Isle. Updated for 2023. Register Here

Scotland: Beyond the Usual (5/2, 6:30-8:30 PDT, online)

Do you know your Picts from your Gaels? Where can you find Roman ruins in Scotland? Where are Scottish kings buried? We’ll answer these questions as well as discuss which castles are the best to visit and where to find excellent stone circles. As this is a Beyond the Usual course, we won’t be covering golf courses or distilleries – they have large advertising budgets! Updated for 2023. Register Here.

History Courses

Ancient Monuments of Scotland and Ireland (5/9, 6:30-8:30 PDT, online)

Discover the fascinating structures created by people in Scotland and Ireland in the Stone, Bronze, and Iron ages. Passage tombs, stone circles, henges, rock art, dwellings such as crannogs and brochs, we’ll discuss them all. An amazing lost landscape will be revealed! Register Here.

During summer quarter I’m tentatively scheduling the following courses:
The Romans in Scotland (includes a session on the Ancient Celts)
The Picts of Scotland
The Vikings in Scotland and Ireland

Keep an eye out for more information.