Scottish Gaelic

Welcome to my page on Scottish Gaelic. This page is under construction. I have spent years working on these materials and I’m trying to organize them in order to make them available to the world. It is quite an undertaking to organize more than 15 years of work, so I hope you’ll be patient.

Most the PDFs that I make available are copyrighted. This is mainly to ensure that others don’t take years of my work and copyright it for themselves. I am happy for people interested in learning Scottish Gaelic to use these files, unaltered.

If you would like to support my efforts in making this index and whipping all this into shape, you can donate to me via PayPal.

Some Scottish Gaelic resources to start:


All files are PDFs.

How to get started learning Scottish Gaelic – books, teachers, apps, etc.
Gaelic-related articles and resources – links to articles about the history of Gaelic, language learning, and controversies related to the Gaelic language.

The Book of IS (version 1.4)
The Book of IS Companion

Geoff’s Irregular Verbs Cheat Sheet
Geoff’s Prepositional Pronouns Cheat Sheet

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Updated 8/25/2022