The Vikings in Scotland and Ireland


Few groups of people had such a consequential effect on the medieval world as the Vikings. Perhaps that is why we are still so interested in them to this day! The first session of this course concerns the basics of the Scandinavian expansion – the how and why Viking raiders and Norse settlers arrived in Britain and Ireland. In the second session, we look in greater detail at the events and effects of the Norse and Viking activities in Scotland and Ireland. Note: the numbering system is for the entire program, which is why this part of the index starts with 4.

4.1 Session 5: The Viking World

This course consists of two sessions. As I upload the content, you will see links appear. Thanks for your patience!

[023] 4.1.1 Who were the Vikings – Origins
[024] 4.1.2 Germanic tribes and Rome – The Age of Migrations
[025] 4.1.3 The Viking Age Begins
[026] 4.1.4 Shipbuilding – The Key
[027] 4.1.5 Eastward Trade
[028] 4.1.6 Westward Exploration
[029] 4.1.7 England
[030] 4.1.8 Vikings in Europe
[031] 4.1.9 Pre-Christian Culture: Burials
[032] 4.1.10 Pre-Christian Culture: Visual Arts
[033] 4.1.11 Pre-Christian Culture: Poetry, Religion and Mythology
[034] 4.1.12 Conversion to Christianity

4.2 Session 6: Vikings in Scotland and Ireland

[035] 4.2.1 Viking effects: Language, DNA, Women
[036] 4.2.2 Scotland: The Northern Isles
[037] 4.2.3 Scotland: Alt Clut/Strathclyde
[038] 4.2.4 Scotland: The Hebrides and Man
[039] 4.2.5 Ireland

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