The Romans in Scotland


The first session of this course is a discussion of the Ancient Celts. We explore what the term Celt means, and how the Roman expansion came to the island of Britain. In the second session, we explore the many times the Romans tried to subdue Caledonia (the Roman name for Scotland), and how successful those attempts ultimately were. Note: the numbering system extends to the whole program, which is why these sessions are numbered starting with 2.

2.1 Session 2: The Iron Age Celts

This course consists of two sessions. As I upload the content, you will see links appear. Thanks for your patience! This session was the first session of a previous course of mine, The Celts: History, Art, and Mythology.

[007] 2.1.1 Defining the Celts
[008] 2.1.2 Classifying Celtic Art and Artifacts
[009] 2.1.3 The Celtic Expansion, c. 1200 to 264 BCE
[010] 2.1.4 The Roman Conquest, 264 BCE to 79 CE

2.2 Session 3: The Romans in Scotland

[011] 2.2.1 The First Caledonian Invasion, 79 CE
[012] 2.2.2 The Second Caledonian Invasion, 138 CE
[013] 2.2.3 The Third Caledonian Invasion, 208 CE
[014] 2.2.4 Later Roman Invasions of Caledonia, after 306 to 410 CE

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