The Picts of Scotland


In this course we explore the Picts, another important cultural group in Scotland. For a long time, little was known about the Picts and this lead to many misconceptions and, frankly, abuse of the Picts for contemporary political and social agendas. Here we will examine what we know and don’t know about these folk, and their ultimate ‘disappearance’. Note: the numbering system is for the entire program, which is why this part of the index starts with 3.

3.1 Session 4: The Picts of Scotland

This course consists of one session. As I upload the content, you will see links appear. Thanks for your patience!

[015] 3.1.1 DePICTions – The use and abuse of a people
[016] 3.1.2 Origins of the Picts
[017] 3.1.3 The Picts and the Romans
[018] 3.1.4 The Picts and their neighbors
[019] 3.1.5 Pictish Culture: Settlements
[020] 3.1.6 Pictish Culture: Language and Visual Arts
[021] 3.1.7 Christian conversion of the Picts
[022] 3.1.8 ‘Disappearance’ of the Picts

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