The Gaels: History, Art, and Mythology


In this course we look at the medieval history of the Gaels. The origin mythology, the effects of Christianity on society, and social structure. The influences of neighboring peoples – the Welsh, Norwegians, the English, and the Normans, will dominate our attention by the end as international concerns become more important. Note: the numbering system is for the entire program, which is why this part of the index starts with 5.

5.1 Session 7: The end of Roman Britain to the death of Somerled, 410 to 1165 CE

This course consists of two sessions. As I upload the content, you will see links appear. Thanks for your patience!

[040] 5.1.1 Origin Stories: Irish Mythology
[041] 5.1.2 Historical Origins
[042] 5.1.3 The Saints and Irish Monasticism
[043] 5.1.4 Insular Celtic Art
[044] 5.1.5 Invasions and Migrations
[045] 5.1.6 Dàl Riata to Alba
[046] 5.1.7 Introduction to early Gaelic Society
[047] 5.1.8 Outside Domination: Normans and Norwegians

5.2 Session 8: The death of Somerled to the Union of the Crowns, 1165 to 1603 CE

[048] 5.2.1 The Norman Invasion of Ireland
[049] 5.2.2 The Kingdom/Lordship of the Isles
[050] 5.2.3 Clanship and Society
[051] 5.2.4 The Kingdom of Ireland
[052] 5.2.5 Appendix: Scotland in Crisis
[053] 5.2.6 Appendix: The Stuarts and Tudors

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