Ancient Monuments of Scotland and Ireland


This course focuses on the time after the last ice age and before the Roman expansion reached Britain. This is the era when the stone monument makers made standing stones, stone circles, passage tombs, and so on. Several waves of people come to Britain and Ireland.

1.1 Session 1: Before written history

This course consists of one session. As I upload the content, you will see links appear. Thanks for your patience!

[001] 1.1.1 The Mesolithic Era – 11000 to 4500 BCE – Hunter-Gatherers
[002] 1.1.2 The Early Neolithic Era – 4500 to 3700 BCE – Arrival of Farmers
[003] 1.1.3 The Middle Neolithic Era – 3700 to 3000 BCE – Rock Art and the Largest Monuments
[004] 1.1.4 The Late Neolithic Era – 3000 to 2400 BCE – Complexes of Monuments
[005] 1.1.5 The Early Bronze Age – 2400 – 1160 BCE – The Beaker People Continue Monument Making
[006] 1.1.6 After the Bronze Age Collapse, c. 1160 BCE – Everything changes (cue up the ‘Celts’)

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