Summer 2020 Scottish Gaelic Courses

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Normally I don’t have summer courses because everyone (including myself) is usually away. This year is different. I’m offering these Scottish Gaelic classes (all are Pacific Daylight Time):

  • Tuesday morning (10 AM – 12 PM): Beginning Conversation Confidence Builder (Zoom) (6 weeks – just started)
  • Tuesday evening (6:30 – 8:30 PM): Beginning Conversation Confidence Builder (Zoom) (6 weeks – just started)
  • [Now recruiting students] Saturday morning (9 – 11 AM): Beginning Conversation Confidence Builder (Zoom)
  • Thursday evening (7 – 9 PM): Irregular verb review (Intermediate Level) (Skype, could switch to Zoom) (8 weeks – in progress)

While these classes are not designed for absolute beginners, people with some ability with Gaelic should be fine. The Beginning Conversation Confidence Builder is for people who want to become more comfortable asking and answering simple questions. It also serves as a review.

Contact me if these are of interest, or if you are interested in private tutoring options. It is OK to join these courses after they begin. Cost: $25 per 2-hour class (that’s two hours for the price of 1 hour of private tutoring!).

Coming up in the Autumn

In addition to Gaelic courses, the following online history and travel courses are in the pipeline (starting towards the end of September):

  • Scottish Gaelic 1 (Good for absolute beginners) (8 Monday evenings)
  • Ancient Monuments of Scotland and Ireland (1 Wednesday evening)
  • The Celts: History, Art, Mythology (2 Wednesday evenings)
  • The Romans in Scotland (1 Wednesday evening)
  • Scotland: Beyond the Usual (1 Wednesday evening)
  • Ireland: Beyond the Usual (1 Wednesday evening)

These courses are offered online via Zoom so they are available to anyone who can use that platform. Registration will be through Seattle Central College Continuing Education.

In addition, it is possible that the Beginning Conversation classes could continue in the fall. More details to come as we get closer.

More Information

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