New way to support my educational work with Gaelic

For those who have enjoyed my classes over the years and would like to see more, perhaps you will consider supporting me on patreon?

Goraidh – A Gaelic Langauge Tutor | Patreon

One of the things that happens when one has a job that pays minimally per hour is that one’s perception of the relationship between effort, needs, and compensation changes. I have spent a lot of time researching, developing, revising, and expanding my Gaelic language, history, and travel courses over the years. I love doing it, but I can’t do it as uncompensated time anymore. Patreon’s way of doing things is new for me, but I hope it can be mutually beneficial.

Let me know what you think?

Le gach dheagh dhùrachdan,

Geoffrey / Goraidh

Goraidh – A Gaelic Langauge Tutor | Patreon


2 thoughts on “New way to support my educational work with Gaelic

  1. NICKIE POLSON says:

    Hi Geoff … I’m just catching up now that we are through the first week of classes in CB.

    I am interested to see what you can do with Patreon. It’s definitely a puzzle to figure out what you can do with materials you develop – other than keeping on giving them away for free. 😦

    I could share the info and link in the various ‘learn Gaelic’ groups I belong to on Facebook, if you want.

    What do you think about making one (or more )of your articles open for reading on the Patreon page, so that people who don’t already know you could see a sample of what you could provide to them? That might open the door to connecting with a new range of folks. Do you happen to have a little video of yourself when you’re teaching? Or just speaking to the camera? That could also help people connect.

    Just a few thoughts …


    • Hi Nickie! I see Fiona swapped moths for black flies this year…

      I’m planning on a smattering of posts at different levels, some of which will be public for the very reason you describe. I set up three tiers of support. The audio/video tier is the top tier, because those kinds of things require the most work to produce.

      Please share in any way you feel comfortable. I noticed that Michael Newton just converted his website to a patreon site as well. It will be interesting to see how this will work because I don’t think that any of us can continue to devote so much time and energy without some degree of compensation.

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