Tech companies! Harrumph!

Angry Geoff!

Angry Geoff!

So Apple is going to do away with Aperture and iPhoto in favor of a new Photos app for OS X and iOS. Yeah, we know about how it is easier to build a new app from the ground up than try and update/fix old apps, but this is a real pain. All my Aperture plug-ins that I’ve paid for! It’s not just the cost of the new app, but all the plug-in upgrades or the time to learn how to do things a new way.

The new Photos app is supposed to import from Aperture/iPhoto libraries, so that is ok. But is now the time to switch to Adobe Lightroom?

We had this happen with Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Pro X. I couldn’t bring myself to switch to Adobe Premiere after going through everything to become an Apple certified Master Pro in Final Cut Studio. I keep a separate partition with OS X 10.8 just so I can keep Final Cut Studio alive. Maybe I should just do the same with Aperture?

Or is a switch to Adobe unavoidable? They have a photography version of Creative Cloud for $120 a year. I really don’t like subscription plans. At least with Aperture I have the option to keep a copy on 10.8! If you cancel your subscription, you don’t get to keep using the apps!

I don’t have to decide immediately.

When Microsoft made a bunch of changes to Office (and the apps became very unstable on my computer), I switched to Apple’s iWork office suite. It worked for me. Then Apple made a bunch of changes to the apps and a bunch of features went bye-bye. Our data is never safe from the changes these companies make!


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