Time is running out to register for three Gaelic language classes!

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Time is running out to register for fabulous Gaelic learning opportunities in the the Puget Sound region!

A workshop I’m hosting to help people warm up their Gaelic after the summer! Register by 9/14: http://bit.ly/1d5px2V

My beginning Scottish Gaelic class at Bellevue College, register ASAP! http://bit.ly/1d5pPXD

The 10th Season of Zero to Gaelic begins soon (all levels of Gaelic)! Register by 9/20: http://bit.ly/1d5qqZk

We’ve worked hard to provide these opportunities for people to experience the language of the Garden of Eden, so please join us for the journey!

Note that preregistration is necessary and that all or part of these classes might be cancelled due to low enrollment. Register today to avoid disappointment!

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